Our Mission

The mission of the ASSETT Innovation Incubator is to improve the undergraduate experience by getting students out of their seats and into active learning.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse community of learners — comprised by students, faculty, and staff — who are engaged in purposeful, collaborative, creative, and impactful learning experiences.

Our Community Values

Experimentation: Calculated risk-taking leads to unexpected discovery that can generate new knowledge and new ways of doing.

Failure: Valuable insights are gained and exciting new directions taken when things “don’t work”.

Emergence: New ideas need time to develop — oftentimes unexpectedly through both undetectable evolution and surprising bursts .

Event News

GIF of a record pulling out of its sleeve
GIF credit: Rob Balsewich, CAMPP intern

Listen to the Innovation Incubator Community Playlist!

Remember waaaay back in February when we asked you to send us a song that keeps you moving through an enduring pandemic?

The ASSETT Innovation Incubator now has a community playlist! Over the summer, we hope you’ll pull the playlist up, not to think about work, but to remind you of all the awesome people who you work with in the incubator community. Enjoy!

Listen now!

Be a Beta-Tester for the Metacognition & Wellbeing Team!

This summer, the Metacognition + Well-Being team will beta-test a pilot Canvas module on exam preparation and test-taking strategies. While current testing is focused on the student experience, including their perceptions of the value and relevance of the module content, the team needs to gather faculty perspectives too.

Do you want to influence how the module can be most effectively and efficiently deployed for use in CU Boulder courses and help identify faculty training needs? Participating faculty will be compensated with a professional development stipend and have the opportunity to use the module in their courses to support students. For more information about participating in a focus group with faculty from a cross-section of A&S disciplines this summer, contact Blair Young (byoung@colorado.edu).